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Scott Horne has been a real estate, title attorney, and investor for over 30 years. Over this time, he has purchased, rehabbed, and sold over 7,000 single family homes. Through his companies and law office, he has transacted over 10,000 creative finance deals. Scott’s experience as both an attorney and an investor puts him in a unique position to help you navigate this tricky business every step of the way.

Scott firmly believes that the best way to control millions in assets is by utilizing creative owner financing to both purchase and sell properties. This can even be accomplished without using any of your own cash or credit.

Owner financing not only allows the investor to earn cash today, but also allows them to generate long term positive cash flow while also helping to capture substantial equity in a property. This method of investing can ensure you and your family will enjoy the benefits of financial security for years to come.

At the Owner Finance Network, we will teach and assist you through; the process of buying your own properties without using cash or credit, using owner financing and subject-to strategies, how to buy properties with bank or private capital, how to sell properties for maximum value, creating cash not only today but for the long term.

Whether you are a novice investor or an expert looking for that extra push, The Owner Finance Network as the answers you need.

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Ask the Attorney

Ask the Attorney – Episode 24 this episode of Ask the Attorney, Scott and Susan are going to talk all about how to speak to a seller throughout an owner finance transaction. 

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Ask the Attorney

Ask the Attorney – Episode 23 In this episode of Ask the Attorney, Scott and Susan are going to talk all about RMLOs and their duty throughout an owner finance transaction.

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The attorneys at Horne and Associates P.C. are a transactional real estate law firm working with Investors and Realtors in all aspects of the real estate business providing competent and focused advice and representation.

Understanding the pitfalls that can occur with real estate transactions, our attorneys and escrow agents know exactly how to cure those pesky title defects to ensure your transaction will close.

The utilization of the RMLO ensures compliance with State and Federal mortgage regulations, makes the buyers feel safer about their transaction, and helps take the guess work out of each transaction for both parties.

Our job is accessing the seller’s current mortgage and financial situation to determine the best structure of their loan and gathering any underlying loan information for structuring, disclosure, and closing purposes.

Our role is to collect a buyer’s monthly payment, distribute funds to any underlying lender first then to the seller; handle tax and insurance escrow, if any, and send out late notices. We act as a fraud preventer by ensuring that any underlying mortgage payment paid first before the seller receives any money.

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