Everything You Need to Succeed In Your Owner Finance Business

With over 30+ years in this industry as both an investor and a real estate attorney, Scott Horne has created The Owner Finance Network to not only teach you this business, but to provide every service you need along the way.

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Paid programs going into the specifics on key points in your real estate investment business.

Owner Finance Real Estate Investment Training
The Subject to Academy
Everything You Need To Know About Liens
Owner Financing For Realtors
1 Day Recorded Training on Owner Finance Real Estate Investing

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Services We Provide

Essential services provided to help ensure your owner finance transactions run smoothly.


Understanding the pitfalls that can occur with real estate transactions, our attorneys and escrow agents know exactly how to cure those pesky title defects to ensure your transaction will close.

Hard Money

We are an asset based hard money lending firm for residential investment properties. As investors ourselves, our number one priority is your success. We provide you our guidance with you every step of the way to help ensure your financial success.


Our job is accessing the seller’s current mortgage and financial situation to determine the best structure of their loan and gathering any underlying loan information for structuring, disclosure, and closing purposes.


The utilization of the RMLO ensures compliance with State and Federal mortgage regulations, makes the buyers feel safer about their transaction, and helps take the guess work out of each transaction for both parties.

Loan Servicing

Our role is to collect a buyer’s monthly payment, distribute funds to any underlying lender first then to the seller; handle tax and insurance escrow, if any, and send out late notices. We act as a fraud preventer by ensuring that any underlying mortgage payment paid first before the seller receives any money.


The attorneys at Horne and Associates P.C. are a transactional real estate law firm working with Investors and Realtors in all aspects of the real estate business providing competent and focused advice and representation.

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