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We seek to ensure that all transactions we deal with are a win – win for all parties involved.

At Horne and Associates P.C., we are a transactional real estate law firm working with investors and realtors in all aspects of the real estate business. We provide competent and focused advice and representation. A primary focus at our law firm is on the creative acquisition and sale of properties where we have completed over 10,000 creative and owner finance transactions. Now too often, we see too many closings where there are serious deficiencies in the acquisition and sales contracts as well as the closing documents, with limited to no direction to the client.

Often, this is due to parties using information gained from the Internet or other sources which simply propagates errors or potential liabilities for both parties. At Horne and Associates, we seek to ensure that all buyers, sellers, investors, and agents are fully informed, and have the tools they need to properly navigate their owner finance transaction.

We believe that when there is a willing seller, a willing buyer, a full and complete disclosure coupled with time to review the documents, that we can help you close in a competent manner and create a win-win for all parties involved.

We attempt to ensure that all parties involved are aware of any and all compliance issues regarding all state and federal mortgage regulations which will help you close smoothly.

Whether you are participating as a buyer, seller, investor, or agent, regarding a traditional or creative acquisition or sale, Horne and Associates P.C. can provide you with real life, practical expertises combined with competent legal services and representation.

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