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We handle all residential and commercial real estate closings providing quality service, ensuring timely closings and the experience to cure any and all title defects to allow transactions to close and fund.

We have been in the Title industry for over 20 years, handling all types of real estate closings.

Understanding the pitfalls the can occur with real estate transactions, our attorneys and escrow agents know exactly how to cure those pesky title defects to ensure your transaction will close.When closing a creative real estate transaction, our closing offices will always rely upon a title search or abstract on every transaction.

Although title insurance is not often requested or required when purchasing or selling with owner financing, there are still many buyers and investors who would like to purchase title insurance. When that request occurs, Horne and Associates will order title evidence from their title company or their affiliate office to provide their client with the necessary title insurance coverage.

We look forward to helping you close your real estate transaction in a timely and professional manner.

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