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We seek to ensure that all transactions we deal with are a win – win for all parties involved.

As Note Pro Consultants, we are all well versed in real estate and mortgage transactions, and have an exceptional knowledge in all phases of the owner finance process.

Our services include assessing the seller’s current mortgage and financial situation in order to determine the best and most timely timely course of loan structure.

In reviewing any underlying loan information and disclosure and closing purposes, we’ll review information you have compiled including past current and potential values of the property, local appraisals and tax district evaluations, rental rates in the market area for the property, potentially down payments available based on the property, its condition, value, and area demographics.

We will assist you in structuring the acquisition or sale transaction based on this information which may include the condition of the property, the seller situation, lender and mortgage situation, the contract price, down-payments, loan amounts, interest rates, term of the loan, taxes, and insurance information.

For sale transactions, we will also assist you reviewing the process information provided by the loan processor, or the RMLO, helping you in the decision process to accept or reject the buyer and their offer.

We ensure you that you will be in very good hands with our Note Pro Consultants.

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